Friday, January 13, 2006

We make computer games!

Yes, it's true, ... well, .. not totally, we still have little experience in the field, but we will do it (insha2allah), I know we will.

I hope in the following year we would be known as the middle east's pioneer company in interactive computer graphics and games.

We have acquired multiple game development engines and platforms that we hope will help us achieve good results in reasonable time spans, and we have a bunch of ideas that we think will be ground breakers and market openers.

Alongside that path, the physics engine is actively being developed and refined, additional features are being researched and designed, ... well, ... rabena yostor.

Business plan contests in the arab region

Who knows some of what happened to me the last few months, knows I have participated in the first egyptian Business Plan Contest (2005) with two teams. And won the third place with one of them.

Currently we are establishing a small company that should be pioneering its field in the middle east.

Anyway, 2006 is here now I have heared of two arab-wide Business Plan Contests (more information here and here) and yes, I plan to join. I speculate the level of competition will be higher than in my last experience, but what the heck, I should have been evolved :) I should aim for higher levels of competence.

Wishes for 2006

I wish for my country:

- a good education system.
- 5 great religion intellects and preachers.
- 3 really great cinema directors.
- 3 more really good music composers (and yes, much less singers :)).
- another very much more effective government.

For myself I wish:

- success in work, love, business, and developing myself

by developing myself I mean mentally, intellectually, spiritually, and all other concievable skills, ... easy haa? :)

God let it be a bearable year.

Dear God

Dear God, ...

Thanks you, for everything, the good and the bad, ... whatever comes I accept, just please accept me in your mercy, and inspire me the right thing to do.