Monday, April 30, 2007

Boston Legal

Living up to the bill of rights!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Forgotten Feelings

For years now I have been quite cynical about love, believing that it's a self imposed illusion, ... not deliberately of course, but self imposed nevertheless. Imagine 50 men and 50 women on an island. Each man will unconsciously choose a woman and target those feelings he needs to feel, feelings of need, trust, admiration, and sexual attraction towards her. Now let them be 20 men and 20 women, ... the same will happen. Let me say it another way, if a certain man has a variety space of 40 women in his social circle, he will choose one and "love" her, now let's cut this circle in half, removing his beloved in the process and leaving him just 20 women, I believe he will still choose one and direct his feelings towards her. In that sense, love can be viewed as a sophisticated, unconsciously self imposed illusion!!

But then, ... and few days ago, I was shocked off my feet. I met that girl, and I was totally impressed, felt some feelings I thought myself incapable of. Feelings I hadn't experienced their like in 6 to 7 years. This is not self imposed, or I would have imposed it on myself much earlier. Wouldn't be feeling void all that long. My theory has to be somehow flawed.


Among the ideas we have for our companies next computer game, is something GTA-like that heavily incorporates toktoks, So I was thinking about the game, how to make it challenging, and what to name it of course, ... so I thought about the plural of toktok, ... in arabic!! I came with TAKATEK :)


We are currently registering our company "Khayal" officially as a limited liability company, and I was thinking of a slogan, ... something like "Khayal, ... benkassar sa2f el seya3a, ben3eed tawzee3 el a7mal" :) or "Khayal, wala kan 3al bal, wala 3ad fee mo7al". Any suggestions?

Contrato Novus

Know here, I do not swear undying, unfaltering love, not to you nor to any other, not now nor ever, my experience taught me that love dies, fades, and changes, even the fervent type, ... sometimes converts to even more fervent hatred and spite.

But let's agree, to love, respect and care for each other, support and relief each other, enhance each other's lives, as long as we both want to, until one or both of us want out.