Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not good enough!!

A general feeling I live by lately, ... maybe it deepened after my second interview with Microsoft (but that is to be told later) maybe after I realized I was a total retard in my plans for marriage. I'm not sure, ... but I know I had the idea before, but now the feeling, the constant feeling that I'm not good enough. I reveled for years in the feeling that I am actually good, in many aspects better than the average, ... maybe it's time now to realize I'm not good enough, might be the feeling I need to enhance myself, find my bugs, resolve my weaknesses.

Sabry 3alamy ya ged3an, ... 3aaalamy :)

The physics engine project we've been working on lately has witnessed a lot of enhancements and upgrades in the past few weeks, thanks to the brilliance of our chief programmer Ahmed Sabry, He has really done a great job, solved a lot of problems in such a smart ways that we in many aspects are doing much better that the rival products currently available on the market.

Truth to tell, ... I don't have a lot of hope for this project to bring any revenues, but I certainly consider it a great addition to the assets and wealth of our small company, and I believe that it will start promote our reputation as a serious game development company worldwide. The road is still long ahead, ... but at least we are taking some steps.