Saturday, December 05, 2009

I am a tomb raider ...

I am a tomb raider, a grave robber, and I do it with great pride.

For hundreds upon hundreds of years our kings have devised techniques, architectural, mechanical and magical to prevent their tombs from being robbed. I derive my pride and satisfaction from unravelling these puzzles and smashing these barriers one after the other. Of course the loot is a welcome bonus, I don't just work for the fun of it. Anyone that might come upon these diaries (if anyone ever did) would think me crazy at best, or damned and sacrilegious at worst. But I stand proud and tall, for I killed no living soul, I robbed no food from the mouth of hungry children, and I didn't force thousands of poor peasants to toil from dawn till dusk for my personal glory. I live free, ... free of their dirty governments, free of their contrived religion and their nasty - always angry - gods.

But my start was not tall nor proud, I started as conscript in the glorious army of the great Pharaoh, and before that I was even lower, a street urchin that was shunned by the lowest and and pitied by the poorest. I lived most of my childhood on the streets and of the streets. And it was in those days that I learned how harsh the gods can be, and in my days as a soldier that I learned how vain our kings are.

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